Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence Review

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Today I will be reviewing another product from Innisfree. I have been using few of the products from Innisfree since some time and the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay mask is one of my favourite masks. Innisfree as I have already said before is a Korean brand which claims to be all natural and dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty. Well till now I am impressed with the products that I have used from Innisfree. Today I will be talking about the Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence. Like most of you I was also not clear about the difference between essence and cream. Well thanks to the lady at the Innisfree store to explain me the difference. As per my simple understanding, essence gets deep into the layers of the skin and works from within and creams work on the top layers of the skin.

Price: Rs 1400 for 50mL of the product


The packaging is really impressive. It comes with a green colour bottle with a pump dispenser which pumps out just the right amount of product. For me its a thumbs up for the packaging.

Product Description:

The packaging says this refreshing essence is enriched with freshly squeezed green tea from the pure juju island to control sebum while delivering moisture to your skin. Also this product is specifically for oily skin people as mentioned on the packaging. The ingredients are also clearly listed down on the packaging as shown in the picture below.

My take on the product:

I was looking for some good moisturiser which won't be too oily for my already oily skin. I went to a nearby shopping mall and was very happy to see the Innisfree store. Without a doubt I walked in and as advised by the store lady I bought this. This product really does what it claims, to be specific this product only does what it claims. This essence is a little thick in consistence and is not runny or liquidy. Once applied it just melts into the skin and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. For my skin it neither feels matte nor oily. It just feels very natural as if I have applied nothing at all and I don't need to apply anything at all. So overall  this is a good moisturiser which is not at all heavy on my skin and gives just the right amount of moisturization. This does not improve the complexion or reduce any pigmentation or anything. It just works on providing the right amount of moisture which is what it claims. When I bought this bottle and after using it for a month I thought this will get over very soon and so I went and bought another bottle just so that I don't have to skip on my moisturiser if it gets finished. To my surprise the bottle has lasted me for over 2 months now and not yet finished. Also I had bought this product when it was winter season and I have used this through the winter season and now its already summer. To my surprise this product does not make my skin oily even if its summer which most of my earlier creams used to do. So this is another thumbs up from me for this product.

There are no cons of the product as such, but adding some more properties like reducing pigmentation would had been great. Overall this is a very nice and basic product which is just right for oily skin and I will definitely repurchase it.

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