Having healthy skin requires dedication

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Today's blog is not about any product. Its yet another blog where I will be letting you know the struggles which I have faced for my skin and what have I done so far to overcome it. You can say this is a chit-chat blog. The first one I had written was about oily skin struggles. If you haven't checked that out yet do check it using the link below:

Well for having a healthy and beautiful skin you don't need expensive beauty products or expensive beauty treatments. Trust me girl, the only thing you need is some efforts which you will have to follow as a ritual on a daily basis. One of my personal experiences which I would like to share is, in 2012, I had suddenly started breaking out very badly. One of my coulleges was taking some skin treatment at Kaya, and looking at the results of her skin I also thought of trying the treatment. Since it was Kaya, I did not have a doubt in my mind. So as expected I visited the Kaya skin clinic and after a free diagnosis they suggested me some treatments, which I readily accepted and immediately started with the treatment. The treatment majorly included 'PEEL-OFFs' (in sometime you will know why I wrote that in block letters). So basically, these PEEL-OFFs are to improve the skin colour, is what I have understood so far ( which I did not wanted as that is what is going to ruin your skin later). However in their words, it was to improve the skin texture for a brighter and healthier looking skin. So I started with the treatment, and within a month I could see visible results. My acne was all gone and my skin was looking fairer (not brighter) as my the peel-offs were taking away the dead skin cells. My skin colour improved and was even toned and also my skin had becoming really smooth. I was very happy. This was a costly affair for me and I was glad with the results, not knowing what damage it was going to do to me in the long run. The treatment continued for 3 months and at the end of the three months they suggested me a maintenance session for another 4 months with additional charges. By the end of the treatment my skin was looking great and I was happy with the results. Just 2 months after this, I started breaking out again, and this time very badly because now my skin had become more sensitive with the peel-offs that I had done.  Because of this nothing was helping me in getting rid of those acnes. Slowly I noticed my skin was back to being dull again and since the peel-offs had made my skin so sensitive, no skin creams or medicated creams were helping me. My skin was just reacting to everything. I knew it then, all the money that I had spend on the expensive treatment was a waste.

For me beautiful skin is a healthy and glowing skin,  the complexion does not matter. Even if you have darker skin tone you can have a healthy and beautiful skin and that's what matters for me and this is what I want to convey from my blog.
So below are some of the tips which might help you get that beautiful skin which you have always dreamed of without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Drinking lots and lots of water: Yes, you heard me right. Drinking sufficient quantity of water is the deal breaker for me for a healthy skin. Drink lots of water to get that 'glow from within' look on your skin. No expensive beauty products, no medicines, no medical treatments. Just plain and simple water, is your key for a healthy skin.

2. Scrubbing only few times a week: You must be thinking, if we scrub only ones or twice a week, the dead skin cells would accumulate and create skin problems. Trust me girl, you need scrubbing, but not more than twice or thrice a week. Scrubbing regularly will make your skin super sensitive and would cause a lot of trouble. So twice or thrice a week is good.

3. Remove makeup before you go to bed: I remove my makeup with a makeup remover and then wash with a mild cleanser as well. Do make sure that every little particle of makeup is removed before you go to bed. This allows your pores to breathe and hence avoids breakouts or other skin conditions.

4. Non-comedogenic products : The important tip is, always search for beauty products which do not clog pores. You will find this mentioned at the packaging of the products. This is the first thing you should look in any product. No matter how branded the product is, I make sure the product is non-comedogenic before I buy it.

5. Avoid excess sugar : Yes you heard me right!! Sugar can be hard to resist but if you want your skin to look good then avoid excess sugar. Try analysing your skin the day after you have lot of sweets and soda, you will notice the difference I bet you. I tried it myself and honestly my skin looked worse with large pores and slight redness, also few small pimples here and there.  You would not want to hear this, but yes, sugar triggers acne formation in skin. So the lesser sugar the better it is for your skin.

6. Do some exercise daily: By exercise I do not mean that you have to run to the gym. One hour of walk everyday is all you need, to get the skin sweating and removing all the dirt from the pores.

7. Make sunscreen your best friend: Find the sunscreen that suits you and never step out of house without it. This will protect your skin from all the harmful rays of the sun and all the damage it does to your skin.

8. Balanced diet : You have been hearing about this since ages now, and I know it does not need much explaining. So yes, a balanced diet can also help you get a healthy skin.

9. Avoid alcohol : As we all know alcohol usually dehydrates your body and hence your skin. Alcohol surely takes its toll on skin and makes it dry and wrinkled. So, the lesser the better !!

I hope the above tips were helpful to you all. I have followed the above tips myself and I have seen the difference it has done to my skin. If you have any other suggestions do mention it in the comments section. I will continue to do my research and may be get back with a second blog with some more useful tips.

Love yourself !! Cya :)

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