Sugar smudge liquid lipstick review

Hey Friends,

In this post I will be reviewing the Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid lipsticks review. I have used liquid lipsticks in the past but this liquid lipstick range is my favourite. Sugar cosmetics has a really good collection of lipsticks. They have the Matte liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, velvet liquid lipsticks, Creme lipsticks and also lipsticks in metallic colours. They have shades in pinks and purples, red and orange, brown, bold and Nudes. Not only lipsticks they have a whole other range of makeup products with a wide variety to choose from. Since this brand was new for me so I tried one of their liquid lipstick range which was the Smudge Me Not Liquid lipstick and I must say I was very impressed with this lipstick. I saw many reviews on YouTube and got three shades for myself - ‘Mia Sangria’, ‘Wine and Shine’ and ‘Brazen Raisin’. All the three colours are very pretty and I am sure it will suit all Indian skin tones.  Also the product costs Rs 499 for 4.5 ml of the product which is amazing.

The outer packaging of the product as you can see is really nice. The name of the shade is mentioned on the outer packaging which is a good thing. The bottle which contains the product is transparent and has the shade name mentioned at the bottom. Overall I really liked the packaging which is quite simple and chic. The applicator is doe foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply the lipstick perfectly.

Now Sugar has a really wide range of shades to choose from and the colour range is such that it will suite most of the Indian skin tones. Below is the swatch of the shades that I bought for myself and as you can see the product is very much pigmented. Just one coat can give you the desired coverage and because these lipsticks are superbly pigmented they stain your lips a bit (only a bit which can go off easily) which is what I really liked about the product. I apply these lipsticks to office everyday and it really survives the day with a breakfast and a lunch and 2 coffee breaks in between. Towards the end of the day it leaves behind a slight pigment which gives a natural flush of colour to my lips which in case of other lipsticks just wears off showing off my pale and pigmented lips. With other lipsticks which do not stain, sometimes it so happens that the lipstick remains only towards the outer line of my lips as the middle part gets wiped off during eating and trust me it looks gross. So I would prefer lipsticks which leave a pigment when they wear off.

Below are the swatches of the 3 lip shades. Brazen Raisin is a reddish brown shade (sorry I am too bad at describing shades) and its such a pretty colour, perfect for wedding outfit. The second shade Wine & Shine which is my favourite is a beautiful deep berry wine shade and would look amazing on any skin tone. The last one Mia Sangria is a pinkish purple shade which is perfect for office wear. 

I will now tell you how I use this lipstick and how you can get the most out of it. The first and the most important tip for applying these lipsticks is to avoid chapped lips. Try to keep your lips well moisturised by regularly moisturising your lips. Before applying this lipstick I would advice you to first apply a generous amounts of lipbalm. You can let it sit on your lips for sometime. Meanwhile you can get completed with the rest of your makeup which is what I do while getting ready. Once your rest of the makeup is complete just press your lips behind your palm so that just the right amount of lipbalm gets off. Don’t use tissue paper otherwise the paper can soak all the lip-balm that you have applied leaving your lips dry. I would suggested using your palm to remove just the right amount. After this you can apply just one coat of this lipstick and you are good to go. It will dry up instantly so incase you want to spread it a bit do so quickly. The only thing which I did not like is that for sometime you will feel as if there is a layer of something on your lips which will require a little getting used to but if you have followed the steps that I told you earlier your lips will not dry from within. The staying power of these lipsticks is also great that it will surely survive the day even if you have oily food. The only trouble you will have with these lipsticks is if you wish to change the lipstick shade immediately after applying one shade. Remember this is not going to come off easily with a makeup remover until and unless you are using a heavy duty makeup remover. When I get into such situations I try putting some oil and leave it for few seconds and then wipe it off. Also remember once you remove all your makeup before going to bed make sure to moisturise your lips to continue to have that flawless matte lipstick application. 

So friends this was my take on this lipstick. Overall I really liked it and would definitely recommend buying. Let me know what is your experience with this lipstick in the comment section. Cya.

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