GALIFORNIA from Benefit ! My first impressions / review

Hello Friends,

So for a very long time I have been searching for a makeup product which will work as a highlighter as well as a blush. I know many makeup brands have this combination, however, I was in search of a very specific shade. I searched in all my favourite makeup stores however the shades that were available were the regular shades. The blushes with glitter had big glitter particles and would not give that natural glowy skin finish and some blushes had the right glitter texture however I did not like the shade. I was in search of a highlighter with very fine glitter particles and the perfect pink shade to get that natural glowy look with the perfect flush of colour. My search came to an end when I accidentally came across this beauty in a Sephora store. The product I am talking about is the new blush from Benefit and the name is GALIFORNIA. So I have been using this product for a week now and will be sharing with you my first impressions / review today.

This new blush is my latest obsession. I just can’t stop staring at this product. As you can see, the packaging is very trendy, it’s chick, so much fun, gives a feel of spring and it’s amazing. The name GALIFORNIA as you can see in the picture above is mentioned on the packaging on the oversized sunglasses of the girl and looks really funky. On opening the box you can see that there is a brush as well as a mini mirror which is a thumbs up to Benefit for being so thoughtful. The brush is not of the highest quality which is a slight disappointment for me when it comes to such an expensive product, however it’s usable. Then there is the plastic brush holder and below this is the actual product. The blush has a very beautiful design of the sun with golden embossing on it and the colour of the blush is to die for. As you can see, it’s peachy, it’s pinkish golden, summery, gosh I just don’t know how to describe this beautiful colour. I would call it the perfect sunset colour, if that makes sense. This is my favourite blusher I have owned till today and a high end one too. With this we come to the price of this product. So let me tell you that this retails for Rs. 2810 for 5 gm of the product. Crazy right?? that you can decide. For me I am okay because I am just in love with this blusher.

I tried using the blush with the brush as well with my fingers, however I liked the brush application better as it looked more natural. This blush is highly blendable and the colour has a wear thats fairly resistant to fading. Since I have oily skin, after few hours this blush looks so natural and dewy on my skin, and all credits to the colour of this blush. Also I feel because of my oily skin even a little quantity of application makes it look so perfect (after few hours of application), hence I prefer using a very minimal amount otherwise it would look too pinkish. It has that slight hint of golden glitters which makes it look so perfect. The texture is soft, silky and finely milled. Below is the swatch of how it looks when applied by brush and fingers.

The colour is such it will suit most Indian skin tones and it gives a nice flush of colour to the cheeks, and that shine, OMG, it looks so natural. Currently its one of my favourite makeup product from all that I have with me. This is such a lovely blush I am really hooked to this product now.

Also, I have seen this product in the Sephora store only so I am assuming that this is either available at the Sephora store else can be bought online. This is a really nice blush and I would recommend to buy it if you are looking for some good high-end makeup product.

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